WAN Optimisation


silver peakSilver Peak software accelerates data movement between data  centers, branch offices and the cloud.  It uses real-time optimization  techniques to   solve network quality, capacity and distance challenges, resulting in fast and reliable access to information anywhere in the world. 

The Silver Peak solution delivers data center class capacity and performance, making it  a key  enabler for strategic IT projects like virtualization, big data, and disaster  recovery.

Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA)

At the heart of the Silver Peak solution is the company's Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA), a combination of software, tools, and pricing models that facilitate the deployment WAN optimization. VXOA software is used on all Silver Peak   products, and includes the following real-time network optimization techniques:


  arrow right   Silver Peak's patent-pending Network  Memory™ technology to  significantly reduce the amount of data traversing the WAN and ensure LAN-like  application performance.
  arrow right   Network  Acceleration techniques  to overcome WAN latency.
  arrow right   Network  Integrity features  to mitigate the  effects of  packet loss across the WAN, including robust Quality of Service  (QoS) policies to ensure applications are prioritized  appropriately and given adequate network resources.

Hardware  Appliances (NX)

Silver Peak’s VXOA software can be deployed as standalone physical devices  that seamlessly fit into any enterprise network. NX  appliances require absolutely no client, server, or  application reconfiguration, and scale from small branch offices to the largest data centers in the world..

Virtual  Appliances (VX/VRX)

VX appliances are software-only  versions of the Silver Peak solution.  They  support  all the same VXOA features as their NX counterparts with comparable performance and scalability.  By deploying  Silver Peak’s VX family of appliances on industry standard servers, enterprises  reap all the cost and flexibility benefits of  virtualization.

Silver Peak’s VRX appliances are virtual WAN optimization   devices designed specifically for data   center deployment.  They deliver the highest end-to-end throughput and simultaneous sessions of any virtual WAN optimization device and are proven compatible with all leading storage solutions and data center switching devices.

The VX-X is a free, fully functional entry level virtual appliance.  It is an easy and cost effective way for getting started with WAN optimization, or for deployment of Silver Peak in  small point-to-point networks.

Global Management System

Global Management  System (GMS) is a powerful  platform for the deployment, management, and monitoring of a Silver  Peak-enabled Wide Area Network (WAN).  GMS gives IT managers detailed  visibility into all aspects of application delivery across a distributed  enterprise, including WAN performance statistics, application analysis, and  tools for the configuration and management of Silver Peak appliances.  With Silver Peak, enterprises can centrally deliver business critical  applications in a secure, scalable, and cost effective manner.

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