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(SBS) 2008 or Microsoft Exchange Server 2007?

Unfortunately that time is approaching once more…….

No sooner are we breathing a sigh of relief having finally migrated our Windows XP and Server 2003 products, we now need to consider the next range of End of Life products that will be vacating the Microsoft stables. 

On 11th April 2017 Microsoft will once again be withdrawing technical support for some of their most popular and widely used products: 

  • Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2008
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007


sbs 2008         exchange 2007   

This will impact on millions of businesses around the world that have not already migrated to the newer Microsoft products such as Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Exchange 2013 and newer server or cloud based applications such as Microsoft Office 365 or a combination of On-premise and Cloud based services. 


Although servers running older versions of software will not immediately stop working because Microsoft has removed support, you will no longer able to receive new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates from Microsoft. 

Any new vulnerability discovered will not be addressed by new security updates by Microsoft. In short, it will be easier for attackers to successfully compromise your Small Business Server and your systems will be highly vulnerable to cyber-attack. 

Every business needs to review exactly how this move by Microsoft impacts the way in which they work and take steps to minimise any disruption and risks. 

It is therefore anticipated that Microsoft Small Business Server will no longer receive more patches or updates, unless Microsoft decide to extend support for the product but this is very unlikely, so it will be permanently at risk. The only solution for Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 or Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 at this point is a migration to an Operating System and Exchange Server offering continued support.


It is very important that any of the highlighted products applicable to your environment, are given a high priority on your agenda. If you think that you are affected by these changes, or are unsure if they apply to any of your IT infrastructure and would like more information on how best to address this, Unity IT are at hand to advise you.

Fortunately there is still time to consider your preferred upgrade path and there are a number of options available. 

Unity IT will assess the impact on your business and discuss the most economical and practical upgrade or migration path appropriate to your needs.  

This will vary from business to business and will depend on how you currently run your IT, what systems are using the outdated Windows operating systems and what your business requires in the future. 

Are you still using Small Business Server (SBS) 2008 or Exchange Server 2007? If the answer to this is YES, then you need to act now. 

If you are running a Small Business Server (SBS) 2008 or Microsoft Exchange Server for any of your business critical software applications such as Email, File Shares, Printers, Sage Accounts, CAD Drawings or any other bespoke management software, then these applications and data will soon be at risk. 

Please contact Unity IT to discuss your best option to deal with this. We will assess if the best option for your business is: 

-          Replacement of your onsite server with a current supported model 

-          Migration of all your data and applications to a new ‘Cloud’ based environment

 -          A hybrid solution, consisting of an on-premise server and migration of certain applications such as email to the cloud. Our experience of deploying such solutions will allow us to advise on your optimal solution.

Don’t leave it too late, plan now and you will lessen the headache as the deadline approaches. 

Unity IT can be contacted on 028 92661190 or you can email us at the following address: support@unityit.co.uk.  


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