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 The staggering number of USB and other plug-and-play-enabled ports, as well as CD/DVD writers on laptops and PCs, has driven the potential for serious data leakage occurring within your enterprise. These connection ports and removable media allow users to extract any data in an instant using common storage devices like USB flash drives, iPods, or Bluetooth devices - effectively making all enterprise computers vulnerable to this data leakage threat.

The Solution                  
Check Point Media Encryption

The Check Point Media Encryption Software Blade provides centrally-enforceable encryption of removable storage media such as USB flash drives, backup hard drives, CDs and DVDs, for maximum data protection. Port control enables management of all endpoint ports, plus centralized logging of port activity for auditing and compliance.

Check Point Media Encryption secures sensitive data on removable storage devices and media, such as USB drives and DVDs, and controls activity on all endpoint ports. All data is automatically encrypted in the background for a transparent user experience. 

Comprehensive data protection and control for endpoint removable media

arrow right Encrypt files and folders; track and manage removable devices individually
arrow right Automatic transparent encryption for DVDs and CDs burned with endpoint PCs
arrow right Integrated into Software Blade Architecture for on-demand data security



Maximize operational efficiency with industry-leading performance 

arrow right Fast initial and recurring scan times
arrow right Minimal memory usage



Easy-to-use, transparent centralized management from a single console

arrow right Central policy enforcement of removable media and port usage policies
arrow right Central log of media usage and data movement for compliance, forensic analysis



Sophos Safeguard Removeable Media

Seamless and transparent encryption of confidential data on all removable media

Key features

The convenience and widespread use of removable media create vast security risks for enterprises. Media such as USB drives, external hard disks, cards, and rewritable CDs and DVDs can contain gigabytes of sensitive information that can easily fall into the wrong hands. Theft or loss of confidential company information stored on removable media can have severe financial consequences and damage the reputation of organizations. To protect you from such events, Sophos SafeGuard RemovableMedia provides strong encryption at all times, for seamless protection across the widest variety of removable media. With SafeGuard RemovableMedia, your confidential information will not fall into the wrong hands.sophos safeguard

SafeGuard RemovableMedia's fully automated, user-transparent operation ensures no impact on employee productivity and working habits. Simply drag and drop files into the media and they are automatically encrypted. You can conduct your business with greater ease and confidence assured by secured data storage at all times. SafeGuard RemovableMedia offers flexible workflow options by enabling you to store only encrypted files or both encrypted and plain text files on the same media. If SafeGuard RemovableMedia is not installed, the encrypted data can be accessed by password-protected self-executable files.

SafeGuard RemovableMedia's unique keyring feature enables secure data sharing between members of a project team. Central management options include the application of Microsoft Active Directory settings. The application programming interface (API) allows customized central administration, key management and automation of repetitive tasks. Your confidential data is in safe hands, protected by us — the data security company with more than 20 years of experience in encryption.

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