Unity IT


Unity IT provide software supply, configuration and support for from a wide array of software houses. For a complete software service Unity IT are a Number 1 in software provision.

We can provide your business with the right Software it needs. Whether your requirements cover: Operating Systems, Office Packages, Computer Management, Data Management, Auditing, IT & Data Security, Contact Management etc, with our proven experience in this field we will ensure you benefit from the right software to meet your business needs.

If you are simply wishing to discuss or be provided with a very competitive quote for software or require a software compliance audit, that’s what we will provide in an efficient and professional manner. However, we can also advise on what will best answer your requirements and assist in specifying it for you. We will then progress to, supply, install and configure and test to ensure all is in order as well, so everything is set up and ready for use.

We supply hardware from all of the leading manufacturers including Microsoft, HP, Check Point, Sophos,
VMWare, WASP, Symantec, Scriptlogic, Fancyfon, amongst many others.

Unity IT can also advise on the best license route that will meet your legal obligations and licensing requirements for your business.

Whether you have 5 users or 500+ users, our professional advice on Microsoft Office, upgrading to Windows 7 and antivirus licensing queries, will keep you on the right track.

Registered Charity?

If you are a Registered Charity, you may also be eligible for heavily discounted Microsoft, Symantec and Cisco products.

Reductions in pricing of these products go far and beyond the regular Charity Discounts that Microsoft, Symantec and Cisco offer, so call us now to see how you can benefit from these continuing offers.