If your business requires IT infrastructure, but you cannot justify full time staff to provide support and maintenance to keep your assets running helpdesksmoothly and effectively. Internal staff have a passing familiarity, or like to “dabble in IT” but it takes too long for issues to be resolved and quite often the problems get bigger and your staff frustrated. 

Or perhaps you already have a full time IT Administrator. How do you manage when they are sick or on holiday?

Do you require additional skills which you don’t have in house for a specific project?

Unity IT provides a full range of managed, proactive and reactive services to meet your IT requirements and help you develop your business. Should you require a complete new IT infrastructure installed or existing infrastructure supported or upgraded, we can specify, supply, install and configure to your requirements.


We deliver support in different ways best suited to how you work.

Whether you simply require someone at the end of the phone to talk you through any problems you are experiencing, remote access support to control your computer over the internet, or physical site visits - whichever method you choose, it’s still Unity IT supporting your man

Support can be provided on an ad-hoc basis, or preferably on contract, where for a flat annual fee you receive unlimited phone and remote support.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is an additional support channel which enables us to monitor your critical Servers in realtime. Now small and medium sized companies can benefit from having an experienced Unity IT Engineer monitor their servers in realtime using a live view whilst monitoring a set of predetermined critical failure points. This allows us to carry out preventive maintenance tasks which also aids us in identifying any problems before they arise, allowing us to eliminate any downtime. If in the unlikely event a problem does arise, our remote monitoring software notifies us immediately and allows us resolve the problem usually before you are even aware there is a problem. There is a nominal monthly fee for this service.

For further information on any pf our Helpdesk or support Services please contact us.