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Smarter Email Security with AI

We provide smarter email security with the power of AI, offering predictive email security that not only defends against current threats but also anticipates tomorrow's challenges.

Key Features of Our Email Protection

See the Future

Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, our Email Protection offers a deep learning neural network, the same technology that underpins our award-winning ransomware protection. This neural network excels at detecting both known and unknown malware, as well as unwanted applications, even before they have a chance to execute.

Behaviour Simulation

Our system takes email attachments through a series of virtual machines, creating real end-user environments for behaviour monitoring. This process ensures that only safe attachments make it to your inbox.

Block Stealth Attacks

Our time-of-click URL protection checks the website reputation of email links both before delivery and when you click them, effectively blocking stealthy and delayed attacks.

Protection from Phishing Fraud

We defend against phishing imposters and protect your employees from attacks that use fraudulent email addresses to impersonate trusted contacts. By combining SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication techniques with email header analysis, we help you identify legitimate emails while blocking imposters.

Compatibility with Any Business Email

Our solution is designed to secure any email service where you control the domain and DNS records. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, on-premises Exchange 2003+, and numerous other email providers. The best part? Activation is entirely within your control, and you can set up domain, group, and user-level policies in a matter of minutes.

Cloud or Appliance – You Decide

Unity IT Ltd offers an all-in-one solution for email protection, including encryption, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), anti-spam, and advanced threat protection. It's available as dedicated hardware or a virtual machine, allowing you to choose the option that suits your business best.
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Experience Smarter Email Security with Unity IT Ltd

Your business relies on efficient and secure email communication. Unity IT Ltd's Email Protection is designed to provide intelligent and proactive security for your email communications, safeguarding your organisation from emerging threats.