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Proactive Managed Services by Unity IT Ltd

We deliver proactive managed services that ensure your network remains at optimal effectiveness and efficiency, offering superior network performance, security, and reliability - all while keeping costs affordable.

Features, Benefits, and Value

24 x 7 Monitoring and Alerting

Experience IT peace of mind with our round-the-clock monitoring and alerting services. We identify IT issues much faster, often before you experience problems, and address them proactively. The benefits are significant:
Reduced Downtime - Minimise lost opportunities and lost productivity by preventing downtime.
Cost Savings - Reduce service costs associated with emergency repairs.

Asset Management

Unity IT provides you with accurate, up-to-date asset and warranty tracking for insurance or taxation purposes. This results in several advantages:
Cost Savings - Better asset life-cycle management prevents you from paying twice for maintenance.
Enhanced Asset Management - Know the status of your assets and optimise their use.

Security Assurance

Your assets and data are crucial, and Unity IT offers round-the-clock protection against viruses, malware, and other cyber threats. Achieve regulatory compliance related to your industry and enjoy the following benefits:
Reduced Downtime - Protect against cyberattacks, minimising associated downtime and costs.
Increased Customer Confidence - A secure environment builds trust with your customers.

Preventative Maintenance

Proactive maintenance is key to lengthening the lifespan of your assets and minimising technology problems that can reduce productivity. The advantages include:
Longer Asset Lifespan - Your assets last longer, reducing the need for replacements.
Reduced Emergency Repairs - Minimise expenditure on emergency repairs.


With Unity IT, you will always know exactly what's happening in your network. Access accurate, detailed data to identify and analyse pending issues. The benefits include:
Informed Decision-Making - Optimise your IT spending based on data-driven insights.
Issue Identification: Identify and address network issues promptly.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Quarterly Business Reviews provide an opportunity to prioritise projects, plan budgets, and discuss solution optimisations. Benefits include:
Budget Forecasting - Conduct more accurate budget forecasting based on facts.
Strategic Planning: Plan and prioritise IT projects more effectively.
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Optimise Your Network with Proactive Management

Unity IT Ltd delivers proactive managed services to keep your network operating at peak performance while ensuring affordability.